Enhance communications with the most popular messaging platform in the world.

Elevate your customer service

Customers can message brands and brands can respond through automatic replies or a reply from a customer service agent. Images and audio-visual material can be shared. Responses that are not delivered can be rerouted to a different channel. Agents can view history of messages while chatting with customers.

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Most effective marketing experience for customers

Brands can avail information that customers want seamlessly through WhatsApp bots. Easily export contacts of all users that are logged into your channel and engage customers through alternate channels.

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40% Response rate in your customer satisfaction surveys

Conduct polls and see real-time results graphically represented. Launch creative customer satisfaction surveys that facilitate giving feedback through emojis. Multiple choice and free text

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One platform, multiple territories

Use Neon across multiple territories. Supporting 46 languages, Neon’s scalability ensures your business applies a streamlined way of handling customer service and digital marketing thereby curtailing expansion costs.

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Amplify engagement on your website & generate leads


Get contacts of 30% to 50% of all leads that visit your website by integrating Neon. Drive engagement between your website visitors by integrating WhatsApp Self-Service bots. Visitors can also chat with a customer care agent directly from your website driving conversion.

E-commerce and account-based platforms that integrate Neon can have their customers receive sign up notifications on WhatsApp upon making bookings or when they sign up

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