USSD, SMS and Shortcode

Ensure seamless and cost-effective communications between your business and its customers

MPESA Paybill integration

Your customers can make MPESA payments via USSD, check balances, make cash deposits, transer funds and purchase airtime

User Authentication

Upon dialing a USSD code or sending to a shortcode, your customers are prompted to enter a PIN after which Neon verifies their identity with what is stored on the database and authenticates

Check customer details

Retrieve registration details amongst other information by simply dialing a USSD or writing to a shortcode


Delivery and confirmation reports with a timestamp showing date and time the message was delivered.

Scheduling of SMSs

Don't miss your customer's anniversaries, birthdays or special occasions. Neon enables you to properly plan your communications to ensure continuity in your absence.

Message Templates

No need to redraft messages every time you are running a campaign. Neon enable you to save message templates and reuse in future campaigns. 


Logs of all channels including SMS, Shortcode and USSD making it easy to diagnose any network problems.

SMS Backup Routes

Neon offer three different routes that you can use to get your messages across; Economy route, Standard Route and Premium route depending on how crucial your messaging is.

Real Time Cost Calculator

Gain real-time visibility over the cost that is going into your campaign enabling you to know when to top up your wallet and predict duration of the campaign

Traffic Manager

SMSes with higher priority are sent out to the MNOs (using the “priority flag” available in the SMPP protocol). SMSes that are still queued shall remain stored and sent out the following day.)

Failover Feature

All SMSes that are undelivered after a specific duration of time will automatically be redirected to the WhatsApp channel for delivery.

Multiple MNO Support

Neon supports sending of messages across Safaricom, Airtel and Equitel networks.


Neon works seamlessly with other other platforms inclusive of booking platforms, banking platforms, customer service platforms amongst others through it's simple and easily integrated API


An extra layer of security that ensures messages are not 'listened to' and any breach is quickly identified.
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